Unique And Easy Ways To Use Pallet Furniture Ideas for Your Home Or Patio

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Our collection of DIY pallet furniture and patio pallet furniture gathers ideas for desks, tables, chairs and beds, but also for storage areas, ornamental items, patio bars and outdoor rolling carts. Like every DIY project, you need the adequate kit of tools and a creative mind to fulfil the job. As the pallets are now available in various sizes, you only have to combine them as Lego bricks and challenge your imagination. Before exploring our collection of  DIY pallet furniture and patio pallet furniture, learn what a pallet is and what are its main uses nowadays.

A pallet is a horizontal in shape platform which provides a base for assembling, storing, handling and transporting materials and products as well as providing protection to the products. Pallets are made from various materials such wood, plastic, paper, and metal. Wood is the common type of pallet used. This is because it offers weight, stiffness, durability and is cost effective. Its ability to be recycled allows it to be used in other forms other than transportation. This has led to a widespread pallet recycling where custom pallets can be easily fabricated to other forms of timber components such as furniture. Wood pallets are also affordable since their raw materials are readily available.

Pallet furniture

Pallets can be creatively re-purposed to craft highly functional indoor and outdoor furniture, wall decorations and can be dissembled into wood planks which can be used in various projects. Creating unique and original pallet furniture can be done from new or rustic oak wood. If you do not wish to splurge your money on custom-built furniture, then make that coffee table you highly desire out of a simple wooden pallet.

1. Desks, tables and chairs

A table can be customized into a variety of sizes and designs. However, there are factors that need to be considered, such as avoiding the use of the chemically untreated wood pallet. Ensure to use oil, wax or deck sealer in order to add durability and make your creation weather-proof. The uniqueness of a pallet desk can be achieved by use of stain, paint glaze or wax. For an exotic-looking table, one can use multi-colored or stained pallets. Examples include oriental-style coffee table, rolling outdoor table and Kitchen Island.

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