These 10 Pieces of Deconstructed Furniture Are Crazy Enough to Work

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This #deconstructed chair is great, love the look it gives to #homedecor

Awesome! Some raw exposed #deconstructed style makes a strong decor accent #homedecor

Exposing the back of a chair completely is the style that Restoration Hardware use to make a whole line of furniture. In fact, the whole deconstruction style in home decor trend might have started with them putting one of their works on display, to show the beauty of raw furniture frame.

This is just lovely! Such a great style of a #deconstructed couch and #farmhouse #homedecor

This couch from the Liz Marie Blog makes use of exposed frame and tacks as well as burlap to create stunning farmhouse style decor. If you have any doubts deconstructed furniture can work in home decor at all, this example clears all doubts.

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