Take The Stress Out Of Moving Antique Furniture With These 9 Fantastic Tips!

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5. Protect Furniture with Pads and Foam:

Of course, you’ll want to protect furniture with some type of furniture pads, blankets, or sturdy foam. Overdoing it say, wrapping something in ten layers of protective material might be counterproductive since it could add a bit of weight to the item. Two or three layers generally work well, though a professional moving company can help with this, too.

6. Secure Doors and Remove Fragile Pieces:

Make sure that doors are secured shut, but do not use tape to keep doors shut. Instead try shrink wrap to make sure they are tightly closed. Also, consider removing door handles and other pieces (if easy to remove) so they can be packed separately.

7. Lift, Don’t Drag:

The Smithsonian Institute also says to lift furniture from a place that is structurally sound rather than trying to drag furniture across the floor. Even if something seems very sturdy, dragging it can put a lot of strain on the part of the furniture that you’re pulling not to mention that dragging can strain the structure of the furniture as a whole.

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