Take The Stress Out Of Moving Antique Furniture With These 9 Fantastic Tips!

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Whether you’re looking to haul a delicate dresser home from an estate sale or need to move your vintage bed frame to a new home, knowing how to move antique furniture is a must. Read below for a few precautions to take when gently moving something from point A to point B, so your precious cargo arrives safe and sound.
1. Consider Hiring a Professional Mover: 

If possible, consider hiring a professional moving company to handle transporting antique furniture. Movers have experience packing and carefully moving fragile items, and oftentimes they can create customized crates and packing for specific items if they have enough notice. Moving companies know how to best pack different types of antique furniture while also having the strength and equipment to handle particularly heavy pieces. Some companies even specialize in moving antiques. If you go this route, it’s also a good idea to get your collectibles appraised just in case anything does happen during the moving process.

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