Amazing DIY Ideas To Transform Your Old Furniture

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You don’t have to throw away old furniture that’s lying around. With the right amount of time and some creativity, you can easily infuse new life into something old that’s in dire need of a furniture makeover.

Do you have an old wooden cable spool, or a couple of drawers left at your garage to rot? These small objects can literally become new furniture that look spanking brand new. Turn these pieces of seemingly useless objects into bookcases, tables, or even planters! The possibilities are endless with the right tools, time, and imagination.

Take a look at these clever hacks that make super fun and functional pieces from old furniture.

1. Upcycled DIY Corbel Foyer Table

If you’ve got a couple of beautifully carved pieces of wood lying around, paint them stark white and use as a corbel in a small corner of your home. Absolutely pretty and functional at the same time, too. via monicawantsit.

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