28 Fabulous Painting Ideas to Give Your Furniture a Whole New Look

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More and more fans of interior design are reconsidering the way they look at furniture. Buying new furniture is not only expensive, it’s not nearly as fun. Have an existing piece with a great shape but a dated stain? Maybe you’ve found a wonderful piece at a garage sale or flea market, but it’s looking a little worse for wear. In many cases, a coat of paint is really all it takes to transform old fashioned furniture into something timely and trendy.

28 Budget-Friendly Furniture Painting Ideas for Transforming Flea Market Finds

Love the farmhouse look but don’t have the budget for a true primitive? You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to make a new coffee table look farm fresh with the right paint scheme. Maybe you’ve got the opposite problem and have inherited antique chairs whose dark, dated stain is ruining their elegant lines. Our gallery of furniture painting ideas serves up 28 clever ways to give new life to old furniture.

Once you complete your first furniture project, you’ll have the confidence to tackle more. Our furniture painting ideas will give you enough inspiration to keep you busy for months. Whether your style is rustic, French provincial, shabby chic, or mod, we’ve got a furniture concept you’re sure to love.

1. From Blocky Black to Farmhouse Fresh

2. Giving Laminate Ikea Pieces a Paint Makeover

3. Elegant White and Gold Stencil

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