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Want to maximize your living space as efficiently as possible but don’t want to compromize on style? You should really take a look here. We bet you will find the following modular shelving systems interesting. If not alluring. These modern, exceptionally cool pieces let you get creative in your home’s organization.

After all, when you want to optimally use the limited space you’ve got, vertical storage is the way to go. Shelving systems are particularly useful since you keep the floor surface free for other uses.

If you like stylish furniture and enjoy regularly redesigning and organizing your home these list may appeal to you. Rearrange, restyle, behold, admire and perhaps even drool a little bit with these 25 awesome wall mounted shelving systems.


The idea of connecting wall shelves had never occurred to me until now. I always thought of them as floating islands made of metal or wood, but the Wandt Modular Shelves have shown me a new perspective.

The beauty of Wandt is that you can use these floating wall shelves in virtually any room, whether that’s as a floating TV stand or open shelving in the kitchen.


This shape-blocking side-shelving is a modern take on the standard bookshelf. Made for not just books, this storage of knick knacks, plants, and pictures is a decorative way to draw the eye without creating bulk within your space.

Made for the updated, modern home or a space that is needing to conserve as much as it can, these Slide Shelf units are easy to mount and have hidden hooks for a very sleek, polished space.

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