20 Genius Ideas for Repurposing Old Bookcases Into Exciting New Things

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4. DIY Bookcase Container Garden

If you don’t have an outdoor gardening space, a container garden is the perfect alternative. That being said, did you know that you can build that container garden out of an old bookcase? And, since there are sections in the bookcase, you can keep your veggies, flowers or herbs perfectly separated. This is a wonderful idea for gardening on the patio or even the roof of an apartment building.

5. Repurposed Bookcase Lockers

Lockers are a great concept for keeping things organized but who wants to shell out a small fortune to buy them? What if I told you that you could make them from an old bookcase? This DIY bookcase turned lockers project is brilliant and will help you to keep kids’ clothes, backpacks and so much more organized and neat. You make doors that pull open and you can put names or numbers on them so that it will be easy to find everything that you have stored.

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