20 Genius Ideas for Repurposing Old Bookcases Into Exciting New Things

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2. Easy Bookcase Headboard

Turn that old bookcase into a beautiful headboard for the bedroom that gives you loads of storage and design. This bookcase headboard is made from an IKEA Expedit bookcase, although you could use any similar bookcase that you can find at a thrift store or yard sale. You just paint it to match your bedroom décor and then attach to a storage bed that you can also DIY.

3. Upcycled Bookcase Coffee Table

I simply love the look of this coffee table that is made with an upcycled bookcase. It’s just a standard wooden bookcase that you can get nearly anywhere – think thrift stores or flea markets for a really cheap one. The top is made from yardsticks and it’s absolutely gorgeous. It has a really nice farmhouse look to it with the rustic wooden yardsticks and the white bookcase bottom.

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