20+ DIY Projects That Will Redefine The Way You See Pallet Furniture

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Pallet furniture is incredibly volatile, and no matter if you need a new coffee table for your patio or if you want to come up with a set of unconventional lawn chairs, you can always count on this environmentally-friendly and cost-effective type of furniture. With that in mind, here you will find no less than 40 different tutorials and DIY guides that will help you turn dull pallets into works of art!

1. Pallet Shelving

Pallet Shelving

Deforestation is a serious problem these days, so why invest in new furniture (thus contributing to the supply and demand scheme) that will determine furniture companies to cut even more trees, when you can easily turn a regular pallet into a breath-taking shelf for your books? This tutorial will guide you through the process – and you will find it not only creative, but quite entertaining, too!

2. Make A Reading Nook Out Of Two Wooden Pallets

Make A Reading Nook Out Of Two Wooden Pallets

If you are a reading enthusiast, then you will certainly appreciate this crafty tutorial on how to create a great and original reading nook out of two wooden pallets. Comfortable, friendly, cozy and very welcoming at the same time, this reading nook will quickly become your little piece of Heaven!

3. Swinging Pallets Chair For The Great Outdoors

Swinging Pallets Chair For The Great Outdoors

Are you the type of person who loves to spend as much time outdoors as possible? Then this tutorial on how to come up with your own tailored swinging outdoors chair will certainly appeal to you. Besides this, it will also help you save several tens of dollars on a hammock, and it is equally comfortable.

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