20 Beautiful Furniture Makeover Ideas Using Paint

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Tired of looking at your old dresser or wardrobe, but don’t want to thrift it? Sometimes we get attached to old furniture items which have sentimental value—or we simply do not have the money or desire to replace them. Yet we are still left longing for a fresh look.

1. Chip a design out of paint.

Chip a design out of paint.

Believe it or not, this beautiful design from Gypsy Barn was apparently made simply by chipping away bits of white paint, leaving behind the a simple yet stunning image of a bird on a tree branch.

2. Splatter paint for a cool artsy look.

Splatter paint for a cool artsy look.

Looking for an idea which is simple and fun, but which can have a really eye-catching look? Check out this beautiful modern accent chair on Etsy, made by splattering one color of paint on top of another. The high contrast is so vibrant!

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