15 Stunning Tree Inspired Furniture Designs

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Bringing natural materials and shapes to home decor is quite popular among designers, and sometimes the concept is taken quite literally. Whether it’s your kind of thing or not, some of these designs are certainly impressive if not unique.

The following tree inspired furniture designs are proof of that. From abstract shapes to tree wood materials and literally bringing trees to the interior design, these pieces of furniture are truly stunning.

Source: www.thisiscolossal.com

This shelving system is inspired by a fallen tree branch. Its shape is entirely dictated by the natural form of the branch and only glass is used for the shelves.

Source: www.adesignerlife.net

A tree trunk with branches makes the perfect natural design for a coat rack and it’s used in this design as a rustic accent.

Source: www.trendhunter.com

This chair design albeit not so much practical brings a strong message across. The designer has chosen to add tree branches to the back of the chair as embellishments.

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