10 DIY Chalkboard Paint Ideas For Furniture And Decor

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Want some cool new ways to decorate and organize at the same time? When I had kids, I learned that there is a need for functional and practical decor, but I am still not willing to let go of style. Chalkboard paint has become one of my new favorites when it comes to rustic, cute, but fashionable deocr that also is conveniently, umm, washable.. Yes, stylish and washable can be used in the same sentence and even found in your home if you find some ideas you like here. From creative DIY memo and menu boards to coasters, clipboards and cabinetry, we have a little creative chalkboard DIY inspiration for everyone. Some of these DIY chalkboard crafts make oh so cute gifts- budget friendly ones, too!

1. File Cabinet Chalkboard Makeover

Cute cabinetry with a twist. This otherwise dull file cabinet got a much needed update with chalkboard paint and now it also makes an awesome memo board for task lists, important notes and calendars. Follow the step by step instructions to get this fun black and white look for your home or office decor.

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